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Cancer Therapy Goes Viral: Progress Is Made Tackling Tumors with Viruses

June 23, 2010

We are excited to share an article from the June issue of Scientific American that prominently features JX-594, a virus that has shown strong preclinical evidence in neuroblastoma and sarcomas. This virus was engineered from the strain of vaccinia virus that is the basis for the vaccine that has been used in hundreds of millions of people in vaccination against smallpox.   The vaccinia virus has been engineered to target, attack, and eradicate cancer without harming the surrounding cells.  SKC in partnership with two renowned children's cancer hospitals and Jennerex Biotherapeutics is introducing the first clinical trial using an oncolytic virus for children with cancer in the U.S. in the next few months.  Learn more about this trial today and the generous donors that have made this trial possible.

The article entitled “Cancer Therapy Goes Viral: Progress is Made Tackling Tumors With Viruses,” highlights positive clinical data that JX-594 has demonstrated against liver cancer in an adult Phase 2 trial.  Read the article today.