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New Twist on Drug Screening To Treat Common Childhood Cancer

August 22, 2010

Scientists, supported by funding from Solving Kids' Cancer, have developed a new method of identifying drugs to treat children suffering from fatal cancers for which an effective treatment has not been found. Rather than developing a new drug from scratch, which is a complicated and time-consuming process, they tried a different approach.    Read the full story online here

As a direct result of this new screening model, two agents with anti-cancer properties for neuroblastoma were identified.  Clinical results showed that the agents, Vinblastine and Rapamycin, killed isolated patient neuroblastoma stem (tumor-initating) cells in the laboratory and controlled tumor growth in animal models.  Supported by this evidence, Solving Kids' Cancer is supporting a Phase I Study of Rapamycin + Vinblastine already underway in the United States.  Learn more about this new exciting therapeutic option here.