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Solving Kids' Cancer proactively drives the creation of novel treatment options for children battling the three deadliest childhood cancers today.  Scientists agree that there will be no magic bullet solution so SKC works to expand the menu of innovative therapies to give children more options for cures. 


  • Repurposed a drug (nifurtimox) to be used as cancer therapy for children with neuroblastoma and medulloblastoma that was previously used as an anti-parasitic agent.  98 children have been treated in clinical trials to-date.

  • Introduced a new category of immunotherapy cancer treatment in 2009 using the oncolytic vaccinnia virus as an anti-cancer agent for children with high risk solid tumors. Vaccinia and other oncolytic viruses will be used in combination therapy with next-generation immunotherapies in the future as a more potent cancer fighting mechanism.

  • Established a new category of immunotherapy using immune cells (Natural Killer Cells) that are donated from a parent and screened for having anti-tumor properties. From this first study, several cancer centers are now using parentally donated Natural Killer Cells in combination with other agents against several childhood cancers.

  • Initiated the first research study to discover and validate cancer stem cells as a new type of tumor cell that is uniquely resistant to chemotherapy, responsible for relapse and potentially targetable as the Achilles heel of tumor progression.

  • Introduced a new category of immunotherapy against high risk pediatric solid tumors using a re-engineered Herpes Simplex Virus. This led to the discovery that the virus may have synergistic, potent anti-cancer properties when used in combination with radiation and in combination with immune T-cell therapy. Several clinical trials are now underway using the HSV virus as a backbone for many variations of treatment.

  • Introduced a new and improved T-cell CAR immunotherapy for neuroblastoma in a clinical trial that includes genetically engineered immune system boosters and a safety switch for increased efficacy and safety.  This adds a new therapeutic option to the emerging category of immunotherapy for childhood cancer. 


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