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our proactive approach

Solving Kids’ Cancer takes a hands-on approach to research funding from the very moment we receive applications for projects. We carry this close working relationship with researchers through to the full realization of each project.

Projects to address the current least curable childhood cancers are rigorously assessed on their scientific soundness and efficiency, with one central idea throughout - that we back the projects which mean more options and a better chance of survival for children. The more impact a project has on areas of unmet need, the more likely we are to fund it.

Our approach is objective, unbiased and led by the patient and parent community. This represents a departure from the ‘traditional’ model of research philanthropy in childhood cancer.

Our approach increases the influence of the parent community on these decisions. As a non-profit with no direct affiliation to any one researcher, center or company; Solving Kids’ Cancer is able to assess and fund research with absolute focus on how it serves those in need, fits into a wider strategy to cure childhood cancer and represents value for money.

This requires a comprehensive knowledge of the research landscape for the most severe childhood cancers. With the support of an expert scientific advisory board, Solving Kids’ Cancer has developed and maintained this vital knowledge over the last 7 years.

our impact

DIPG, a universally fatal brain stem cancer, is difficult to treat due to its location. Two SKC pioneering studies are delivering drugs directly to the tumor.

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