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phase 1

clinical trial

Will combining NK cells from a parent with a humanized antibody be more effective in treating neuroblastoma?

Project Title: hu14.18/IL-2 + KIR ligand mismatch natural killer cells
Researcher: Kenneth B. DeSantes, MD
Institution: University of Wisconsin - Madison
Study Type: Phase I clinical trial
Status: Closed

Researchers have made rapid advances in understanding how to manipulate the immune system safely to destroy cancer cells. Adoptive transfer of haploidentical NK (Natural Killer) cells has shown promise as a treatment option to target and kill cancer cells in a less toxic way than conventional therapies. Scientists use a novel technique to collect, expand, and infuse donor NK cells into a patient. Solving Kids’ Cancer supported this trial in which researchers use a humanized monoclonal antibody known as hu14.18-IL2, which specifically targets neuroblastoma tumor cells and binds to them. This humanized monoclonal antibody may be more effective at activating the NK cells to kill the cancer cells.

To learn more about this trial, visit clinicaltrials.gov.

Charity Partners: The Catherine Elizabeth Blair Memorial Foundation, Wade’s Army

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