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the challenge

Children fighting childhood cancer need treatments which have the potential to cure them. When current treatment options such as chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy fail there is an unacceptably low chance of survival.

Childhood cancer is curable, but not through one single approach. Our challenge is to selectively fund new, inventive treatments and combinations of treatments. We are interested in experimental therapies which push the boundaries of what is possible and creatively apply everything that is known about a particular form of childhood cancer to bring the maximum benefit to children.

Our focus on innovation is a reaction to the drastic differences we want to see. Radical changes are required to successfully deal with the most serious childhood cancers. For the cancers we focus on, even with the best available therapies half of all children do not live beyond five years. 

our impact

Natural Killer cells from a parent can target and kill cancer cells in a child. An early supporter of this approach, SKC launched two clinical trials using Natural Killer cells. Today, more cancer centers are using this method to fight childhood cancers.

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