Solving Kids' Cancer - every kid deserves to grow up

Solve | How SKC is Different

Solving Kids’ Cancer: our purpose and name are one in the same
  • We are solely dedicated to the task of solving kids' cancer.
An entrepreneurial nonprofit
  • Although SKC is a nonprofit organization, we operate as a therapeutic development enterprise for pediatric cancer.
Most important, SKC puts kids first
  • Children come before research priorities, career agendas, and business as usual.
Involvement at every stage
  • SKC is instrumentally involved in the conception, design, and management of our funded projects.
  • SKC manages every stage of the projects we support, including tying grant milestones to actual deliverables.
  • SKC directs and monitors collaboration between all stakeholders to ensure transparent and effective results.
No initiation or funding of basic research projects
  • SKC believes a strong foundation of basic cancer research with great potential already exists and needs to be developed into new therapeutic options.
It's not just about funding
  • Although SKC feels pediatric cancer is underfunded, we do not attempt to change the current funding landscape through advocacy or awareness efforts.  SKC’s sole funding focus is on therapeutic projects that lead to the creation of therapies to make survivorship possible.
No conflicts of interest, single affiliations, or individual sponsorships
  • SKC is driven first by an idea, regardless of its origin. SKC then finds the right partners (e.g., institutions and scientists) to implement the idea in the most effective way to help solve kids’ cancer.
A multi-fronted approach
  • At any given time SKC has numerous projects in development.
Show me the efficacy... or not
  • SKC cultivates projects only as long as they show promise.  Yet, SKC regards both successes and failures as steps toward the ultimate goal of solving kids’ cancer.  Therefore, SKC encourages that those we support publish all findings regardless of results in order to inform new therapeutic development ideas.
All ideas are welcome
  • SKC provides a much-needed place where anyone, including researchers who have historically seen little funding or parents of children with cancer, can feel comfortable proposing therapeutic development ideas.  SKC’s staff and scientific advisory boards are committed to implement all projects that reflect the principles of our approach to therapeutic development.