From all of us at Solving Kids' Cancer, thank you to all those who was a part of this year's Spring Celebration Benefit Gala. We are proud to share with you that we raised $450,000 which will make a significant impact on the children & families we serve. We could not have reached this goal without everyone's generosity & support. After a two-year hiatus of this annual event, it was both moving & heartening to see the room filled with supporters, both continuous & new, who came together & and stood behind our mission: To Find, Fund and Advocate for breakthrough treatment options to cure children with the most fatal pediatric cancers.  


John London, Chair

Khalil Barrage

Hearn Jay Cho M.D

Lindy Gad

Scott Kennedy

Michael Niedzielski

Julia Roux

Mark Savoye

Eyal Soffer

Channing Stave

Diala Tabet


Carla Basil

Monica Byrne

Nancy & Gary Byrne

Lee Clower

Cristina Cuomo

Carson Daly

Gabby & Gianpaolo De Felice

John Donahue & Robert Mingione

Sophie Elgort

Katarina Feder

Thomas Gad

Andrea Greeven & Alex Douzet

Carolina Herrera

Hitha & Seth Herzog

Melanie & David Holland

Michelle Huckfeldt

Deborah Hughes




Angelina Jolin

Donna Karan

Sophie & Jérôme Le Jamtel

Josh Lucas

Keytt & Alex Lundqvist

Julie Martin & Ivan Fonseca

Katy McCaffrey

Camilla Olsson

Karine & Mitchell Schnapp

Jan Planit & Michael Schultz

Amy Sacco

Stephanie & Abe Shnay

Haesther & Scott Shnay

Frederique van der Wal

Kristy vonWaldburg

Erica & Steve Woolway

Bonnie Young


Brando Babini

Celia Babini

Gabriella Douzet

Giselle Douzet

Axel Fonseca

Rocco Fonseca

Chloe Gad

Daniella Gad

Oscar Gad

Pauline Gad

Chloe Schnapp

Noah Schnapp



Alice Anderson Jolin

Alexandra Gad

Emma Gad

Kiran Herzog

Sivan Herzog

Dylan Huckfeldt

Finn Kennedy

Declan McCaffrey

Madeline McCaffrey

Jack Donahue - Mingione

Julianne Donahue - Mingione

Samantha vonWaldburg

Stella vonWaldburg

Charlie Woolway

George Woolway

Jack Woolway


Dr. Samuel Blackman is a focused and mission-driven physician-scientist, pediatric hematologist-oncologist, and seasoned biotechnology executive, focused intensely on the pre-clinical and clinical development of new therapeutics for children with cancer. Sam has had a 13+ year history in oncology clinical development, prior to founding Day One, and held roles of increasing responsibility in various settings, ranging from large global pharmaceutical companies (Merck, GlaxoSmithKline) to small venture-backed startups (Mavupharma, Silverback). His career has enabled him to drive and oversee the development of novel cancer therapeutics in pediatric and adult oncology, across a range of mechanisms of activity, and has afforded him deep experience in small molecule targeted therapies, antibody-drug conjugates, CAR-T cells, and novel immunooncology agents.