January 25, 2011
An overview and discussion for parents and researchers of 5 new investigational agents in clinical trials for 2011 presented by the Principal Investigators.

New treatment options are needed for children with deadly solid and CNS tumors. A new class of investigational agents called Oncolytic Viruses became available to children in 2010, and in 2011 there will be five different clinical trials open offering various virotherapy agents.

Four distinguished Principal Investigators explain each virus therapy and answered viewers` questions.

This online parent/researcher forum was a live presenatation that covered:

* history of cancer virotherapy
* recent progress
* toxicity & efficacy
* myths dispelled
* specifics of each clinical trial

Solving Kids` Cancer supports effective, low-toxicity treatments for children with deadly tumors, and we are very excited about the work of these dedicated physicians and scientists who champion this same critical purpose.


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