June 16, 2011

Dr. Tim Cripe of “This Week in Pediatric Oncology” podcast interviews Dr. Peter Adamson, new Chair of the Children`s Oncology Group (COG). Co-hosts for this episode are Dr. Jim Geller, Dr. Raj Nagarajan, and Dr. Lionel Chow. This conversation includes Dr. Adamson`s background and interest in pediatric oncology, and openly addresses the much-needed advances in drug development for pediatric tumors that are distinct from adult tumors. On the heels of the remarkable ch14.18 development story in neuroblastoma, Dr. Adamson explains the need for a “virtual” drug company that consists of a public-private partnership to develop drugs in a similar narrow venue, which is underway.

Making Better Drugs for Children with Cancer. Institute of Medicine Consensus Report. Peter C. Adamson, Susan L. Weiner, Joseph V. Simone, and Hellen Gelband, Editors. April 18, 2005 http://www.iom.edu/Reports/2005/Making-Better-Drugs-for-Children-with-Cancer.aspx

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