Podcast & Webinars

TWiPO #74 – Interview with Abby Rosenberg

TWIPO Host Tim Cripe, alongside co-hosts Ryan Roberts and Lisa Humphrey, engage in an insightful conversation with guest Abby Rosenberg, Director, Palliative Care and Resilience Research at Seattle Children’s Research Institute. Rosenberg, with Seattle Children’s colleague, Yi-Frazier, developed a promising systematic intervention program called PRISM (Promoting Resilience in Stress Management) for teens and young adults…

TWiPO #73 – Interview with Dr. Peter Adamson

Host, Dr. Timothy Cripe from Nationwide Children’s Hospital, along with his co-hosts – Dr. Ryan Roberts, Dr. Nilay Shah, Dr. Keri Streby, and Dr. Mark Ranalli, interview Dr. Peter Adamson from Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Dr. Adamson was previously interviewed back in 2011, in Podcast #9, and they discuss the progress that has been made since…

TWiPO #72 – Interview with Dr. Eugene Hwang

Hosts, Dr. Timothy Cripe, Dr. Keri Steby, Dr. Ryan Roberts, and Dr. Jonathan Finlay from Nationwide Children`s Hospital are joined by Dr. Eugene Hwang, who is a pediatric hematologist-oncologist at the Children`s National Medical Center in Washington D.C

TWiPO #71 – Interview with Nancy Goodman

December 21, 2017 – Host, Dr. Timothy Cripe, from Nationwide Children`s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio had the honor of interviewing Nancy Goodman, Founder and Executive Director of Kids v. Cancer in Washington DC.

TWiPO #70 – Interview with Dr. Joshua Rubin

Hosts, Dr. Timothy Cripe, Dr. Ryan Roberts, and Dr. Nilay Shah from Nationwide Children`s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio interview Dr. Joshua Rubin from Washington University.

TWIPO #69 – Interview with Dr. Peter Shields

November 28, 2017 – Hosts, Dr. Timothy Cripe, Dr. Nilay Shah, and Dr. Keri Steby from Nationwide Children`s Hospital in Columbus Ohio are joined by Dr. Peter Shields from Ohio State University.

TWiPO #68 – Interview with Dr. Dean Lee

Oct. 8, 2017 – Hosts Dr. Timothy Cripe and Dr. Nilay Shah, from Nationwide Children`s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, are joined by Dr. Dean Lee to discuss their experience with T-cell CARs (Chimeric Antigen Receptors).

TWiPO #67 – Interview with Dr. Mitchell Cairo

September 29, 2017 Hosts Dr. Nilay Shah, Dr. Ryan Roberts, and Dr. Keri Streby from Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, sit down with Dr. Mitchell Cairo to discuss his experiences within the pediatric cancer research sector.

TWiPO #65 – Interview with Dr. Brenda Weigel

In this podcast, Dr. Brenda Weigel, University of Minnesota, shares her background and why she became involved in childhood cancer research.  She discusses the current challenges and where she sees research going in the future.