Podcast & Webinars

Interview With Dr. Damon Reed

August 19, 2016
TWiPO hosts and co-host interview Dr. Damon Reed, who shares his thoughts on the success and challenges of research and how we can improve and accelerate the current trajectory of pediatric treatment development.

Interview With Dr. Elizabeth Lawlor

July 15, 2016
TWiPO hosts and co-host interview Dr. Elizabeth Lawlor who discusses new approaches to the cellular eco-system of tumors and provides commentary on the growing landscape for women in science.

Interview With Dr. Mark Hatley

May 20, 2016
TWiPO hosts and co-hosts interview Dr. Mark Hatley who discusses how he got into the field of Biological Chemistry in Oncology. Also Dr. Hatley gives an indepth explaination about his research in G-Proteins.

Interview with Dr. Chrystal Louis

April 8th, 2016
TWiPO hosts and co-hosts interview Dr. Chrystal Louis about her role in both the academic and industry side of oncology.

Interview with Dr. Kim Kramer

September 18, 2015
TWiPO hosts interview Dr. Kim Kramer about her research on a new way to treat brain tumors.

Linda McAllister-Lucas

July 24, 2015
TWiPO hosts and co-hosts talk with Dr. Linda McAllister-Lucas about her research on MALT1 Lymphoma and the effects this research can have on oncology.

TWiPO #52 ~ Interview with Dr. James Geller

July 10, 2015
TWiPO hosts interview Dr. James Geller, an original member of the TWiPO team. For this episode Dr. Geller talks about a new drug that could have a huge impact for oncology research and the process it takes to get access to these drugs.

TWIPO #51 ~ Interview with Dr. Gregory Armstrong

May 15, 2015
TWiPO hosts interview Dr. Gregory Armstrong, who talks about the Childhood Cancer Survival Study and how much we have advanced in the recent years in childhood cancer research.

TWIPO #50 ~ Interview with Dr. Jonathan Finlay

May 8, 2015
TWiPO host Dr. Timothy Cripe interviews Dr. Jonathan Finlay. He talks about how he launched a new treatment, which is able to rescue a proportion of newly diagnosed children who failed conventional treatment.