Podcast & Webinars

TWiPO #6 ~ Interview with Dr. Archie Bleyer

May 26, 2011
Dr. Tim Cripe interviews Dr. Archie Bleyer about his career and research interest in improving survival rates in adolescents and young adults affected by cancer. 

TWiPO #5 ~ Hedgehog Signaling and Itraconazole

May 19, 2011
Dr. Tim Cripe and Dr. Maureen O`Brien discuss the role of targeting of hedgehog signaling in diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma and the use of drugs designed for other uses as a possible treatment for medulloblastoma.

TWiPO #4 ~ Immunotherapy for Synovial Cel Carcinoma

May 8, 2011
TWiPO host Dr. Tim Cripe and co-host Dr. Jim Geller discuss updates after two recent meetings and an exciting paper published on tumor regression in patients with metastatic synovial cell sarcoma and melanoma.

TWiPO #3 ~ Relapsed Neuroblastoma & Pharmacogenetics

April 25, 2011
Dr. Tim Cripe and TWiPO co-hosts discuss two recent papers that provide new information about genetic predisposition to increased toxicity to vincristine and the results of a phase II study using a combination therapy in relapsed or refractory neuroblastoma.

TWiPO #1 ~ Epidemiology of Childhood Cancer

April 11, 2011
In the inaugural episode of This Week in Pediatric Oncology (TWiPO), the first podcast focusing on pediatric cancer research, host Dr. Tim Cripe and TWiPO co-hosts discuss a published paper in the Journal of Clinical Oncology.

TWiPO #2 ~ Interview with Greg Reaman

April 13, 2011
TWiPO host Dr. Tim Cripe interviews Dr. Gregory Reaman about his career in pediatric oncology, leadership of the COG, challenges, and expectations for the future.

Oncolytic Virotherapy

January 25, 2011
An overview and discussion for parents and researchers of 5 new investigational agents in clinical trials for 2011 presented by the Principal Investigators.