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TWiPO #29 ~ Understanding Pediatric Solid Tumors

September 5, 2013
New revelations in DNA damage and cell repair mechanisms in childhood cancer may help scientists identify the underlying cause of pediatric solid tumors and lead to the development of new therapies.

Engineered T-cells for Childhood Cancers

August 29, 2013
This type of immunotherapy is at the vanguard of clinical cancer research and has demonstrated early dramatic results including complete responses in some adults and children with leukemia. Researchers are now attempting to duplicate this success with pediatric solid tumors.

TWiPO #28 ~ Uniting the Childhood Cancer Community

August 15, 2013
Dr. Tim Cripe speaks with Vickie Buenger, a  founding member of the Coalition Against Childhood Cancer (CAC2).

TWiPO #27 ~ Interview with Solving Kids` Cancer

August 1, 2013
In this new episode, host Dr. Tim Cripe  and co-host Dr. Jeffrey Auletta  interview Solving Kids` Cancer co-founder and Executive Director Scott Kennedy and Co-Director of Research Programs Donna Ludwinski.

Muli Saffrai

May 15, 2013
After doctors in Israel told Myriam Safrai there were no more treatment options left for her son, Muli, to treat his high-risk neuroblastoma, she searched for clinical trials outside of Israel. She found a vaccine trial In Hershey, Pa., sponsored by Solving Kids` Cancer. In this video, Myriam tells her family`s story to save Muli.

Adoptive Cell Therapy

Pediatric cancer scientists involved in the T-cell/HIV study that cured a 9-year-old leukemia patient will develop a new experimental cancer immunotherapy treatment option for children with high-risk solid tumors that uses a patient`s own T-cells to attack tumor cells. 

Dendritic Cell Vaccine

One year after his last treatment, a six-year-old boy with recurrent neuroblastoma is in complete remission for his high-risk metastaticcancer. Doctors reported this case study in the January 2013 issue of Pediatrics, the journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

TWiPO #26 ~ KIR Mismatch in Neuroblastoma

May 7, 2012
In this episode, host Dr. Tim Cripe and co-hosts ask Dr. Paul Sondel and Dr. Ken DeSantes on NK cells and the implications of KIR/KIR-ligand mismatch in neuroblastoma.

TWiPO #25 ~ Histones in Pediatric Gliomas

April 5, 2012
Host Dr. Tim Cripe welcomes back co-host Dr. Lionel Chow to discuss somatic mutations in pediatric brain tumors.