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TWiPO #22 ~ Brain Tumor Year-End Round Robin

December 5, 2011
Dr. Tim Cripe and his co-host Dr. Lionel Chow discuss explore and discuss the compelling evidence reported on a variety of topics, including viral causes and therapeutic implications.

TWiPO #21 ~ Interview with Dr. Beatrice Lampkin

November 29, 2011
In this enlightening and inspiring discussion, Dr. Tim Cripe explores the career and contributions to leukemia therapy of Dr. Beatrice Lampkin, an early leader in the field.

TWiPO #20 ~ The F-word in Pediatric Cancer Research

November 15, 2011
Host Dr. Tim Cripe warns: “If your blood isn’t boiling by the end, you weren`t listening.” Hear Tim and co-host Dr. Lionel Chow discuss pediatric cancer research funding with an expert panel of guests.

Novel Neuroblastoma Vaccine Trial

Funding to provide key support to further ongoing work at Dana-Farber Cancer Center to find new treatments for neuroblastoma and other deadly childhood cancers.

TWiPO #19 ~ More on Hedgehog Signaling

October 30, 2011
Several just-published papers in the literature relate to recent podcast episodes, and host Dr. Tim Cripe and co-host Dr. Lionel Chow review these interesting developments.

TWiPO #18 ~ Targeting EWS-FLI1 in Ewing`s Sarcoma

October 18, 2011
Special guest Dr. Jeff Toretsky discusses his clinical and research interest in Ewing`s sarcoma. Dr. Toretsky explains the challenges of developing a clinical grade drug from a small molecule for a specific target such as EWS-FLI1. 

TWiPO #17 ~ Personalized Medicine

October 13, 2011
Dr. Tim Cripe and co-hosts welcome guest Dr. Giselle Sholler about her nifurtimox trials and how she formed the Neuroblastoma and Medulloblastoma Translational Research Consortium (NMTRC).

TWiPO #16 ~ Genetic Underpinnings of Ewing Sarcoma

October 7, 2011
Dr. Tim Cripe and co-hosts welcome special guest Dr. Stephen Lessnick for an in-depth discussion on the progress to date in understanding the genetics of Ewing`s sarcoma. 

TWiPO #15 ~ MicroRNAs and Hereditary Cancer

September 28, 2011
Dr. Tim Cripe and his co-hosts interview special guest Dr. Kathryn Wikenheiser-Brokamp on the implications of DICER1, rare tumor registries, and difficult issues surrounding genetic counseling.