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TWIPO #60 – Interview with Dr. Josua Mendell

November 4, 2016
TWIPO hosts and cohosts interview Dr. Josh Mendell, who shares his knowledge with regard to the relationship between innate RNA biology and how it influences human disease.  

Interview With Dr. Sajid Qureshi

September 30, 2016
TWiPO Hosts and co-host interview Dr. Sajid Qureshi In this episode Dr. Qureshi provides a fascinating, first-hand glimpse into the successes and challenges of delivering quality care to larger, as well as remote, pediatric cancer populations.

Cutting-Edge Oncolytic Virus Therapy

Children with high grade brain tumors will soon be able to receive cutting-edge onocolytic virus therapy.

International Immunotherapy Clinical Trial

August 24, 2016

Collaborative Research Funding Helps to Advance Innovative New Treatments for Pediatric Brain Tumors 

Interview With Dr. Damon Reed

August 19, 2016
TWiPO hosts and co-host interview Dr. Damon Reed, who shares his thoughts on the success and challenges of research and how we can improve and accelerate the current trajectory of pediatric treatment development.

SKC Formally Appeals NICE Decision

SKC challenged NICE on their decision to deny children the only drug ever specifically developed against neuroblastoma. SKC provided logical arguments against their assessment of cost and efficacy, and championed the plight of these innocent and vulnerable children.  

Access to Cures Should Have No Borders

British government denies children access to proven cancer treatment for neuroblastoma. Decision will force UK families to travel abroad to access treatment

Armed T-cells with BiTE Antibodies

July 26, 2016
Project Update Report

Interview With Dr. Elizabeth Lawlor

July 15, 2016
TWiPO hosts and co-host interview Dr. Elizabeth Lawlor who discusses new approaches to the cellular eco-system of tumors and provides commentary on the growing landscape for women in science.