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April 10, 2015

SKC on CBS Radio April 12, 2015

SKC Program Directors, Scott Kennedy and Donna Ludwinski, discuss the current landscape of childhood cancer research, the promise of new developments in available treatment options and what lies ahead for Solving Kids' Cancer.

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February 25, 2015

A Novel Immunotherapy Technique to Treat Patients with Osteosarcoma and Neuroblastoma

A novel phase 1 clinical trial that leverages T-cell immunotherapy is now under way at Karmanos Cancer Institute (KCI) in Detroit and Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York City; bringing new hope to children currently battling osteosarcoma and neuroblastoma.

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February 20, 2015

The Promise of Immunotherapy

Immunotherapy is changing the paradigm for children with cancer. Solving Kids' Cancer has teamed up with the same researchers who helped save Emily Whitehead's life to bring a new treatment option for children with neuroblastoma.

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November 05, 2014

Runway Heroes Featured at Bloomindale's

On Saturday, November 1, 25 childhood cancer fighters and survivors ages 3- 13 walked the runway in the Young World department at Bloomingdale’s 59th Street. The afternoon’s event benefited The Ronan Thompson Foundation and Solving Kids’ Cancer.

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October 06, 2014

FDA Orphan Drug Designation Announced for Childhood Cancer Vaccine

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted orphan drug designation for a neuroblastoma vaccine from MabVax Therapeutics, providing development incentive with market exclusivity of the novel treatment for children with this deadly childhood cancer.

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September 25, 2014

Can a Vaccine Using A Child's Immune Cells Stop a Deadly Brain Tumor?

Ependymomas, a common type of childhood brain tumor, is resistant to chemotherapy with a high chance of recurring. Scientists believe cancer vaccines, a type of immunotherapy, could be the key to unlocking the door for these kids who’ve been told they’ve exhausted all options.

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September 01, 2014

September Is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Cancer kills more children in the U.S. than any other disease. This September, during National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, please help Solving Kids' Cancer spread awareness about the urgent need for new, more effective treatments for chidren battling cancer today. Here are 4 ways to get involved.

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July 25, 2014

Major Energy Expands Commitment to Battling Childhood Cancer, Announces Support for Solving Kids' Cancer

New York, NY - Major Energy, a leading A+ BBB rated Energy Service Company (ESCO) based in Orangeburg, New York, serving both residential and commercial customers in the deregulated natural gas and electric markets of Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania, and the Official Energy Partner of the NY Knicks and Madison Square Garden, has announced a partnership with Solving Kids’ Cancer (SKC), a nonprofit based out of New York dedicated to finding cures for the deadliest childhood cancers. Respond Power, Major Energy’s sister ESCO, is also contributing to this partnership.

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July 22, 2014

ACT FAST Trial to Open in September

September marks national Childhood Cancer Awareness month, and the opening of a highly-anticipated SKC-funded clinical trial. The same researchers who made headlines in the New York Times for curing 9-year-old Emily Whitehead of her leukemia using her own immune cells will open a clinical trial at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and at the University of Utah using the same technology to treat children with high-risk neuroblastoma.

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June 24, 2014

Searching for a Solution: How Two Dads are Making a Big Difference

Watch our founders share their story on Al Jazeera America and how Solving Kids' Cancer is providing options to kids who are battling the deadliest childhood cancers through novel clinical trials.

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June 23, 2014

Adams Fairacre Farms Sponsors The First Hudson Valley Walk To Solve Kids' Cancer

Adams Fairacre Farms, the Hudson Valley’s premier market, has teamed up with Solving Kids’ Cancer to present the First Hudson Valley Walk to Solve Kids’ Cancer on Saturday, September 6, 2014. The 2-mile walk will begin at Tony Williams Field in Highland, New York, and continue along the beautiful Hudson Valley Rail Trail.

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June 09, 2014

Solving Kids' Cancer Recognized as GuideStar Exchange Gold Participant

Solving Kids’ Cancer is proud to announce that it has received the GuideStar Exchange a Gold participant level, a leading symbol of transparency and accountability provided by GuideStar USA, Inc.

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May 22, 2014

SKC Partners with UK Charities to Launch International Neuroblastoma Clinical Trial

Solving Kids’ Cancer, the Neuroblastoma Children’s Cancer Alliance (NCCA UK), and Joining Against Cancer in Kids (J-A-C-K) awarded its first grant through their INBRACED (International Neuroblastoma Research and Collaboration for Effective Delivery) initiative, which aims to improve access of promising clinical trials for children with high-risk neuroblastoma in North America, the U.K. and in Europe.

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May 08, 2014

5th Annual Spring Celebration Raises $700,000 for Childhood Cancer Research

Co-Hosts Donna Karan, Gabby Karan De Felice, Bonnie Young, Jan Planit and Frederique van der Wal joined Solving Kids’ Cancer co-founders Scott Kennedy, John and Catherine London last night at 583 Park and raised $700,000 to fund new and novel clinical trials for children with deadly brain tumors.

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March 11, 2014

TWIPO #38 ~ Interview with John Goldberg, MD, on Phase I Clinical Trials

New York, NY -- This Week in Pediatric Oncology (TWiPO), the first podcast focusing on pediatric cancer research, announced that John Goldberg, MD, from The Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of Miami, is a featured guest on its most recent episode. In this episode, Dr. Golberg talks about the challenges of phase I pediatric cancer clinical trials with hosts Dr. Tim Cripe (Nationwide Children's Hospital), Dr. Robyn Dennis (Nationwide Children's Hospital), and Mark Ranalli, MD (Nationwide Children's Hospital).

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February 26, 2014

This Week in Pediatric Oncology Features Guest Dr. Patrick Brown Who Discusses Infant Leukemia

New York, NY -- This Week in Pediatric Oncology (TWiPO), the first podcast focusing on pediatric cancer research, announced that Patrick Brown, MD, from The Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center, is a featured guest on its most recent episode. In this episode, Dr. Brown talks about treating infant leukemia and the challenges of doing clinical trials in this patient population with hosts Dr. Tim Cripe (Nationwide Children's Hospital) and Dr. Robyn Dennis (Nationwide Children's Hospital).

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February 06, 2014

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce Awards $33,000 to Solving Kids' Cancer from Annual CIBC Miracle Day Fees and Commissions

Solving Kids’ Cancer is honored to be among a handful of charities selected by the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) to receive donations from the firm’s signature giving initiative, CIBC Miracle Day.

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November 15, 2013

This Week in Pediatric Oncology (TWiPO) Features Guest Dr. Nancy Ratner of Cincinnati Children's Hospital

New York, NY—This Week in Pediatric Oncology (TWiPO), the first podcast focusing on pediatric cancer research, announced that Nancy Ratner, PhD, is a featured guest on its most recent episode. In this episode, Dr. Ratner speaks with host Dr. Tim Cripe (Nationwide Children's Hospital) and co-host Dr. Robyn Dennis (Nationwide Children’s Hospital).

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October 31, 2013

Marathon Runner Raises Money for Solving Kids' Cancer

When Alex Beurle crosses the finish line at the ING NYC marathon on Nov. 3, he will once again run in honor of a little boy he never had the chance to meet, proudly wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with the boy’s photo and the words, “Hazen Is Here.”

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October 10, 2013

Clinical Trial Harnesses Power of Natural Killer Cells to Treat Neuroblastoma

Researchers have made rapid advances in understanding how to manipulate the immune system safely to destroy cancer cells. Adoptive transfer of haploidentical natural killer (NK) cells has shown promise as a treatment option to target and kill cancer cells in a less toxic way than conventional therapies. Now for the first time, scientists will combine NK cell therapy with an immunocytokine to target children with relapsed/refractory disease including those with bulky tumors.

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October 09, 2013

Two Moms Raise More Than $20,000 for Children With Cancer in 30 Days

Two young mothers, Jennifer Noll and Alethea Ramirez, raised more than $20,000 in 30 days for childhood cancer research. Last month, during National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, the Poughkeepsie natives launched their campaign with their employer Adams Fairacre Farms, collecting donations at checkout lanes at all four of its locations in the Hudson Valley.

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October 04, 2013

New TWiPO Podcast: Secondary Cancers Among Childhood Cancer Survivors with Featured Guest Dr. Joseph Neglia

This Week in Pediatric Oncology (TWiPO), the first podcast focusing on pediatric cancer research, announced that Joseph Neglia, MD, MPH, is a featured guest on its most recent episode, entitled Secondary Cancers in Childhood Cancer Survivors. In this episode, Dr. Neglia speaks about the issue of late effects and the risk secondary cancers among childhood cancer survivors.

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September 30, 2013

New Clinical Trial Treats Children With Neuroblastoma Using T cells

Children with relapsed or refractory neuroblastoma have few or little curative options today. Once the cancer has returned, it can become resistant to traditional treatment options such as chemotherapy and radiation. Scientists are actively looking for new treatment strategies. A new phase I trial at Baylor College of Medicine and Texas Children’s Cancer Center using an immunotherapy approach with modified T cells will offer kids with this deadly type of childhood cancer a new promising treatment option.

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August 05, 2013

Khalil Barrage Joins SKC Board of Directors

Solving Kids’ Cancer, a nonprofit committed to significantly improving survivorship of the deadliest childhood cancers, today announced that Khalil Barrage has joined its Board of Directors. Barrage is the Managing Director at The Invus Group, whose main investment activities are private and public equities with offices in New York, Paris, London and Hong Kong.

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May 09, 2013

Annual Gala Raises Over $440,000 to Fund New Treatment Options for Kids

Fashion industry and Hollywood heavyweights joined Solving Kids’ Cancer co-founders Scott Kennedy, John and Catherine London on May 7, at 583 Park and raised over $440,000 that will fund a clinical research trial to identify new treatment options for the deadliest of childhood cancers

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April 03, 2013

Researchers to develop next generation immunotherapy for children with deadly solid tumors

Recently, research using adoptive T-cell immunotherapy in blood cancers have shown success, most notably in the case of a seven-year-old girl whose leukemia went into remission using altered T-cells and a disabled HIV virus. Now, two of the pediatric cancer scientists involved in the T-cell/HIV study will develop a new experimental cancer immunotherapy treatment option for children with high-risk solid tumors based on the same novel approach that uses a patient's own T-cells to attack tumor cells.

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February 27, 2013

SKC Introduces New International Initiative

Solving Kids’ Cancer, along with U.K.-based charities Neuroblastoma Alliance UK, J-A-C-K, and other European organizations, have aligned forces to improve access to clinical trials for children with high-risk neuroblastoma in North America, the U.K. and Europe. The new initiative, the International Neuroblastoma Research Collaborative (INBRC), mandates a collaboration of international cancer centers, offering a grant award of up to $500,000 (U.S.).

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January 29, 2013

SKC-funded Vaccine Research Leads to Complete Remission in Child With Relapsed Neuroblastoma

One year after his last treatment, a six-year-old boy with recurrent neuroblastoma is in complete remission for his high-risk metastatic cancer. Doctors reported this case study in the January 2013 issue of Pediatrics, the journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, which was funded in part by a joint grant from the Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation, Pierce Phillips Charity and Solving Kids’ Cancer.

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December 28, 2012

SKC has a New Home!

After much searching Solving Kids Cancer is very pleased to announce the new, permanent location of our offices. As of January 1, 2013 we will be located at 1 East 53rd Street, 5th Floor, New York, NY 10022. Our phone number will remain 212-588-6624.

We are very happy to be part of a historic NYC building which once housed the William S. Paley Museum of Broadcasting. In 1991 the museum relocated to 25 West 52nd Street. Mr. Paley, long advocate for non-profit organizations, kept the East 53rd building and made it available exclusively to non-profits.

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December 10, 2012

Happy Holidays

We wish all our friends, donors, colleagues and partners a very joyous holiday season.

Your support means the world to us and to the families we serve.

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November 16, 2011

Our Newest Therapeutic Development Study Focuses on the Promise of a Cancer Vaccine

Solving Kids' Cancer has embarked on a new clinical study offering a novel vaccine therapy in combination with a targeted agent for children with relapsed high-risk neuroblastoma. The Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation has partnered with SKC to fund this trial with a grant of $145,000, which constitutes 70% of the trial cost.

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September 22, 2011

Positive Data on Viral Agent JX-594 in Nature Further Bolsters SKC-Initiated Research Project

The recent publication of positive data on Jennerex JX-594 for adult cancer clinical trials in the journal Nature has served to further validate SKC’s early championing of this novel experimental agent. Three years ago, Solving Kids’ Cancer first coordinated a strategic partnership between Jennerex and the two hospital centers to begin conducting JX-594 pediatric cancer clinical trials for children suffering from solid tumors. SKC subsequently launched the research projects by providing 100% of the funding. . The first phase of the trials started last year and are currently underway.

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March 01, 2011

SKC on NBC News and in the Wall Street Journal

The founders of Solving Kids' Cancer share some personal stories and describe the charity's efforts to improve survival for children by expanding the menu of novel treatment options on NBC News and the Wall Street Journal

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January 25, 2011

Webinar Archive - for Families & Researchers - Oncolytic Virotherapy for Pediatric Cancer

PLEASE CLICK "READ MORE" BELOW TO WATCH/LISTEN TO A REPLAY OF THE WEBINAR: In 2011, there will be 5 clinical trials for pediatric solid tumors using oncolytic viruses. On January 25, SKC held a live discussion that included all of the Principal Investigators describing the studies and a general overview of this new and promising therapeutic option for pediatric cancer. Click the link below to watch/listen to the webinar archive.

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October 12, 2010

SKC's Early Support Pays Off as FDA Invests in Novel Treatment

In December 2009, SKC supported a novel immunotherapy trial for children using the HSV virus. Now the FDA has awarded a grant to the researchers at Cincinnati Children's Hospital to treat even more children. Read the article:

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September 13, 2010

SKC Partners with BGC in 6th Annual Charity Day

BGC Partners, one of the world's leading brokers, raised in excess of $10 million for charity on its sixth annual Charity Day held on Monday, September 13. This year Solving Kids' Cancer was one of the 18 designated recipient charities in the US.

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August 22, 2010

New Twist on Drug Screening To Treat Common Childhood Cancer

Scientists, supported by funding from Solving Kids' Cancer, have developed a new method of identifying drugs to treat children suffering from fatal cancers for which an effective treatment has not been found. Rather than developing a new drug from scratch, which is a complicated and time-consuming process, they tried a different approach.

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June 23, 2010

Cancer Therapy Goes Viral: Progress Is Made Tackling Tumors with Viruses

We are excited to share an article from the June issue of Scientific American that prominently features JX-594, a virus that has shown strong preclinical evidence in neuroblastoma and sarcomas. SKC in partnership with two renowned children's cancer hospitals and Jennerex Biotherapeutics is introducing the first clinical trial using an oncolytic virus for children with cancer in the U.S. in the next few months.

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May 13, 2010

What a Night at the Museum!

Our Spring Celebration on May 12th was a fabulous success! We thank everyone who supported Solving Kids' Cancer's First Spring Celebration which was held at the American Museum of Natural History. The event raised more than $400,000. For exciting photos and more visit our SKC Events section of our website.

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February 25, 2010

SKC Bridges the Gap for Innovative Researcher in 2010

A promising clinical trial for pediatric solid tumors is delayed by bureaucracy. Solving Kids' Cancer steps in.

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September 23, 2009

New Protein Partnership That Leads To Pediatric Tumor Regression

Why are some pediatric cancers able to spontaneously regress? Prof. Michael Fainzilber and his team of the Weizmann Institute’s Biological Chemistry Department seem to have unexpectedly found part of the answer. Further research towards a better understanding of the mechanism of action might hopefully lead, in the future, to the development of drugs that will be able to induce regression of certain tumors.

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August 20, 2009

Long-term Health And Social Outcomes For Neuroblastoma Survivors

Survivors of the childhood cancer neuroblastoma are eight times more likely to have chronic health conditions, less likely to be married, and more likely to have lower incomes than their siblings, according to a study published online July 31 in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. This study was undertaken because minimal information exists on the long-term outcomes for neuroblastoma survivors.

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May 01, 2009

SKC Partners To Launch Innovative Experimental Trial For Children With Solid Tumors

Solving Kids’ Cancer partners with another like-minded charity (Magic Water) to launch an innovative pilot study for children’s cancer. In partnership with the University of Wisconsin, the pilot study was launched in May, 2009 with the goal to treat 10-12 children in order to determine whether this approach is effective in achieving clinical responses, and hopefully cures, for children who have failed conventional therapies.

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June 08, 2015

6th Annual Spring Celebration

Please join us on June 8 at the elegant 583 Park Avenue for our 6th Annual Spring Celebration as we celebrate the return of Spring and the renewal of hope as we raise funds to bring new treatments for children with cancer.

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November 29, 2011

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November 15, 2011

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October 30, 2011

TWiPO #19 ~ More on Hedgehog signaling, brain tumor risk from cell phone use, and FDA approval of cancer drugs

October 18, 2011

TWiPO #18 ~ Targeting EWS-FLI1 in Ewing's Sarcoma: Interview with Dr Jeff Toretsky

October 13, 2011

TWiPO #17 ~ Personalized medicine: Interview with Dr Giselle Sholler

October 07, 2011

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August 19, 2011

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April 13, 2011

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April 11, 2011

TWiPO #1 ~ Epidemiology of Childhood Cancer

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