Easy Fundraiser Ideas to Support Childhood Cancer Research

Create a Fundraiser for Childhood Cancer Research in 2024

Every day, 47 children in the United States are diagnosed with cancer, marking it as a leading cause of death among children globally.1 Despite the staggering statistics, childhood cancer research receives only a small portion of federal funding. However, with some easy fundraising ideas and your dedication, we can make strides in offering better, safer treatments for these children. 

Solving Kids’ Cancer’s Create a Fundraiser program empowers you to support children battling cancer by crafting a fundraising event tailored to your interests and passions, accelerating the development of advanced treatments and cures.

Here’s how you can kick things off with some easy fundraising ideas:

Step 1: Create Your Childhood Cancer Fundraiser

The first step to making a tangible difference is selecting a type of fundraiser that speaks to you. Whether you’re inspired to turn your passions into action, honor a loved one, celebrate a milestone, or engage in team fundraising ideas, your unique initiative can mobilize your community.

Fresh & Easy Fundraising Ideas for 2024


Team Fundraising Ideas

Amplify your impact by organizing charity walks, sports tournaments, or group challenges.



School Fundraising Ideas

Collaborate with schools on read-a-thons, themed dress days, or talent shows, integrating education on philanthropy.



Virtual Challenges

Capitalize on digital platforms for challenges ranging from fitness goals to gaming marathons, expanding your reach.



Interactive Workshops and Classes

Leverage your talents by conducting workshops, from baking to crafts, fostering engagement while supporting a vital cause.



Eco-Friendly Initiatives

Align your efforts with environmental values through activities like community clean-ups or tree-planting days, enhancing sustainability alongside childhood cancer research fundraising.



Streaming for a Cause

Harness streaming platforms like YouTube or Twitch for marathon sessions, connecting with a global audience in real time to widen your fundraising outreach.



Step 2: Personalize Your Fundraising Page

Connecting with potential donors is key, and a personalized fundraising page can help. Share your story or motivation for supporting childhood cancer research to resonate with and inspire potential supporters.


Step 3: Ask for Donations

While asking for donations might seem challenging, remember: the simple act of asking is powerful. Personal donations, social media campaigns, and heartfelt thanks are all critical strategies to bolster your fundraising success as well as raising childhood cancer awareness.



Inspirational Spotlight: Sports Streaming Success

As the host of the popular YouTube channel, That’s Good Sports,2 Brandon Perna turned his passion for sports commentary into a powerful fundraising tool, raising over $26,494 for Solving Kids’ Cancer:

“I love raising money for SKC because I know every dollar makes a huge impact towards helping one of the worst scenarios any parent can imagine. Once they connected their charity through YouTube, it became incredibly easy for me to create a fundraiser on my channel, and I plan on doing more throughout the year… I can’t think of many things more important than the work they’re doing.”

Brandon’s efforts show us just how powerful online platforms can be for childhood cancer research fundraising. Now, it’s simpler than ever to make a significant impact with digital tools.

Create a Fundraiser Today

Are you ready to make a difference? By joining Solving Kids’ Cancer’s Create a Fundraiser program, you’re not just contributing to a cause; you’re part of a community striving for a future where every child has the chance to grow up.

1 Childhood Cancer Fact Library – https://cac2.org/impact-areas/awareness/childhood-cancer-fact-library/
2 That’s Good Sports – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCew5br5cO1ZKO7Z_F1WA8Bg

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