SKC Holiday 2023

2023: Ways to Give Back During the Holidays

For many, the holiday season symbolizes joy, togetherness, and reflection. However, for families confronting the harsh reality of pediatric cancers, the season can be exceptionally challenging.

Navigating a cancer diagnosis replaces joyful traditions. Families are thrust into seeking the best treatment options, often while managing everyday life.

At Solving Kids’ Cancer, we believe every kid deserves a future filled with holidays and family memories. That’s why we’re dedicated to accelerating groundbreaking treatments and cures for aggressive childhood cancers with low survival rates.

Your contributions have been vital in these accomplishments, and every gift furthers our ability to provide life-saving treatments.

As we begin the season of holiday giving, we ask that you consider giving hope to children with cancer and their families by supporting pediatric cancer research. Here are a few ways to give back during the holidays:


Be Our Voice to Support Pediatric Cancer

Join our online community! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates on our impact against childhood cancer. Rally your network to support pediatric cancer research this holiday season. Here’s a sample post to get you started:

📣Every kid deserves to grow up! This holiday season, join me in giving back during the holidays by supporting @SolvingKidsCancer, an organization that’s dedicated to raising awareness and funds for life-saving research for pediatric cancer! Together, we can help kids fighting the most deadly cancers. →


Create Your Own Fundraiser

Turn your passions into action by designing your unique fundraising event or campaign to give back during the holidays! From bake sales to marathons, the possibilities are endless. Unite your community and channel that collective energy into a powerful force for change. Simply sign up on our platform and you’ll receive instant access to a suite of resources to help every step of the way.

Double Your Donation with Employer Matching

Could your contribution have even more impact? Absolutely! Many employers offer gift-matching programs, potentially doubling or tripling your impact for pediatric cancer. A donation can be made by contacting your HR department and choosing Solving Kids’ Cancer as your preferred charity.



Fundraise for Your Birthday

This year, make your birthday about more than just cake and gifts. Invite friends and family to give to Solving Kids’ Cancer in lieu of traditional presents to support pediatric cancer. Your decision can change lives by providing funds for research specifically aimed at finding safer, more effective treatments for high-risk childhood cancers.


Get Creative for a Cause

Whether you’re skilled at making custom ornaments, holiday cards, or other handmade treasures, you can use your talents to support groundbreaking research at Solving Kids’ Cancer. Don’t forget to involve the kids, too! It’s a heartfelt way to give back during the holidays, turning art into action and hope into tangible help.


Give a Gift in a Child’s Honor

This season, give a gift that gives back with the added benefit of a donation tax deduction. When you donate in honor of a child battling cancer, you’re not just giving money; you’re giving hope. Your support is a step toward safer, more effective treatments and a future where every kid gets to grow up. 


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