Accelerating Research For Pediatric Brain Tumors

May 17, 2016
2016 Spring Celebration Gala video

SKC 2015 Year-End Slideshow

This video features the various events that were hosted or attended by Solving Kids` Cancer in 2015. Happy New Year!

Kyra Kardong

June 8, 2015
Solving Kids` Cancer`s approach is to understand the research landscape, strengthen the science, cure and care for the child. The GD2 T Cell Therapy trial at Texas Children`s Hospital is helping children with neuroblastoma like Kyra Kardong.

The Promise of Immunotherapy

December 2014
Immunotherapy is changing the paradigm for children with cancer. Solving Kids` Cancer has teamed up with the same researchers who helped save Emily Whitehead`s life to bring a new treatment option for children with neuroblastoma.

Runway Heroes

November 05, 2014
Childhood cancer fighters and survivors ages 3- 13 walk the runway in Bloomingdale’s on 59th Street. With the help of everyone involved the event was a complete success and the children in their hand-picked outfits truly earned the title “Runway Heroes”.

Jordyn Olsen

Jordyn being diagnosed at 6 months old with neuroblastoma was a devastating shock for mother, Jodie. After 6 ineffective rounds of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery Jodie was left without any options, which in turn lead her to an experimental clinical trial sponsored by Solving Kids’ Cancer. This is the story of their journey to save Jordyn.

Searching for a Solution

June 20, 2014
Our co-founders, John London and Scott Kennedy, started Solving Kids` Cancer after they each lost their children to a deadly form of pediatric cancer. Since 2007, Solving Kids` Cancer has created 15 new treatment options through clinical trials.

Nifurtimox Clinical Trial

Solving Kids` Cancer co-founder John London shares how he stumbled upon nifurtimox as a treatment option for neuroblastoma and brought it to a phase I clinical trial.

Challenging the Status Quo

Solving Kids’ Cancer is a nonprofit enterprise dedicated to facilitating the development of therapies to improve survivorship of the deadliest childhood cancers through an innovative and aggressively funded model.