Does Size Matter? Can a Nanoparticle Deliver Something Really Big?

Project TitleOptimizing SN38 nanoparticles to treat children with high-risk tumors

Investigator:  Garrett Brodeur, MD

Institution: Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Study Type: Preclinical


Nanotechnology is a rapidly emerging field with the potential to revolutionize drug delivery, and it is expected to affect every major arena of drug development in the coming years. Advances in this area have allowed some nanomedicines in the market to achieve favorable pharmacokinetic properties, reduce toxicity and improve patient outcomes. To date, there has been very limited application of nanoparticle drugs in children with cancer. This translational research aims to develop a shelf-stable formulation that can be introduced into clinical trials for children with neuroblastoma and other solid tumors in the near term. Significantly, this same nanoparticle formulation could be used to treat, essentially, any recurrent/refractory solid tumor.


Charity Partners: Fishin’ For The Cure, Pierce Phillips Charity

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