Transatlantic Clinical Trial For Children With Neuroblastoma is Open For Enrollment in the U.K. – Soon to Open in The U.S. and Germany



Charities Collaborate to Initiate International Phase 1 Clinical Trial  for Children with Neuroblastoma


June 1, 2018 – NEW YORK – Solving Kids’ Cancer has partnered with Band of Parents, Joining Against Cancer in Kids (J-A-C-K), and Solving Kids’ Cancer Europe, to advance new treatment options for children with neuroblastoma with the launch of a transatlantic  Phase I clinical trial that is open for enrollment in the U.K. and will open soon in the US and Germany.  The project is led by Dr. Juliet Gray at Southampton University Hospital and researchers at Great Ormond Street (UK), Griefswald University Hospital (Germany), and University of Wisconsin/American Family Children’s Hospital (US). 

The MiNivAN study combines 131-I mIBG targeted radiation therapy with two different antibodies, Nivolumab and Dinutuximab beta.  Dinituximab beta, an anti-GD2 antibody, has been widely used in neuroblastoma and targets the cancer cells, allowing them to be seen and killed by one’s own the immune system.  In contrast, Nivolumab targets the immune system rather than the tumor itself, boosting the body’s immune response to the cancer.  The study hopes to prove that when these antibodies are provided in combination with the mIGB therapy, it will mutually enhance these complementary effects, and leave children with long term immunity against their disease.

After seeing the promise of combination immunotherapy strategies in adult cancers, the charities challenged the research community to submit proposals of novel ideas and this innovative international trial is the result of that challenge.

“If we are going to fulfill our mission and advance cures for children with the most fatal cancers, there simply is no better approach than funding international clinical trials,” said Scott Kennedy, Executive Director, Solving Kids’ Cancer US.  “It means there are more powerful researchers behind the study, greater accrual, increased data collection, faster results and wider availability to the children who need it.”

“Lack of collaboration can be a tremendous roadblock to making progress in childhood cancer research, not only among institutions, but also across borders, and within the nonprofit community itself,” said Richard Brown, founder, Joining Against Cancer in Kids (J-A-C-K).

“By working together with other charities and pushing for international consideration, we are staying true to our promise and putting children first.” said Jill Ostrager, President, Band of Parents.

In addition to the support of these four charities, the research team also secured the collaboration and support of Bristol Myers Squibb (BMS) to provide Nivolumab, and EUSA Pharma, to provide dinutuximab-beta for the study.  

“This international collaboration is very exciting and came to fruition in a remarkable timeframe given the regulatory challenges we had to overcome,” said Dr. Juliet Gray, University of Southampton.  “The funding from our collective charity partners has driven and inspired the study, and without their initial commitment we would not have been able to secure the investment of the pharmaceutical companies.”


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About Band of Parents

Band of Parents (BOP) is a grassroots, nonprofit organization that funds innovative research and clinical trials for neuroblastoma, helping increase the survival rate for this childhood cancer. BOP is a support network for the newly diagnosed and their families as they go through treatment. The organization’s is to fast track a cure using less toxic, targeted therapies.  For more information visit, or contact

About Joining Against Cancer in Kids (J-A-C-K)

J-A-C-K exists to assist children and their families by providing advice and support relating to their wish to participate in the medical treatment of Neuroblastoma. Additionally, J-A-C-K supports research endeavors which are designed to discover the causes and cure of Neuroblastoma. For more information visit, or contact

About Solving Kids’ Cancer Europe

Solving Kids’ Cancer fights for a future where no child dies of neuroblastoma or suffers through treatment.  We fund ground-breaking clinical research, advocate for improved treatment and care, and help families with practical and emotional support. For more information visit, or contact

About Solving Kids’ Cancer US

Solving Kids’ Cancer (SKC-US) finds, funds and advocates for breakthrough treatment options to cure children with the most fatal cancers – because Every Kid Deserves to Grow Up. SKC-US funds early phase clinical and pre-clinical projects that show significant possibility towards impact. For more information visit, or contact


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