Podcast & Webinars

TWiPO #13 ~ Epidemiology of CNS Tumors

August 19, 2011
Dr. Tim Cripe and co-hosts discuss updates to previous TWiPO episodes reporting on recent press coverage and publications of BiTE antibodies and modified T-cell approaches, and recent studies on birth defects, birth order, and cell phone use and possible link to risk of childhood cancers.

TWiPO #12 ~ ALL: Anti-CD19 BiTE and Genetic Risk Groups

August 5, 2011
Dr. Tim Cripe and co-host Maureen O’Brien discuss recent papers on immunotherapy and DNA sequencing studies revealing new potential targets in acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL).

TWiPO #11 ~ BuMel SIOP results and MIBG transplant

July 12, 2011
Dr. Tim Cripe and Dr. Lars Wagner discuss with guest Dr. Brian Weiss the implications of the results comparing two chemotherapy combinations for transplant regimens in children with high-risk neuroblastoma in Europe. 

TWiPO #10 ~ Interview with Dr. Robert Seeger

July 7, 2011
Dr. Tim Cripe interviewed Dr. Robert Seeger from Children`s Hospital of Los Angeles about his contributions to improvements in treating neuroblastoma as well as his vision for future advances.

TWiPO #9 ~ Interview with Dr. Peter Adamson

June 16, 2011
Dr. Tim Cripe interviews Dr. Peter Adamson, new Chair of the Children`s Oncology Group (COG).

TWiPO #8 ~ Seneca Valley Virus and Medulloblastoma

June 9, 2011
Dr. Tim Cripe, Dr. Lars Wagner and Dr. Lionel Chow discuss a recent publication on the Seneca Valley virus SVV-001 on orthotopic mouse models of medulloblastoma.

TWiPO #7 ~ Childhood Cancer Drug Development

June 2, 2011
Dr. Tim Cripe interviews Dr. E. Anders Kolb and Dr Andrew Napper, covering the strategies, scope, and challenges of target discovery, drug development, and preclinical testing for pediatric cancers.

TWiPO #6 ~ Interview with Dr. Archie Bleyer

May 26, 2011
Dr. Tim Cripe interviews Dr. Archie Bleyer about his career and research interest in improving survival rates in adolescents and young adults affected by cancer. 

TWiPO #5 ~ Hedgehog Signaling and Itraconazole

May 19, 2011
Dr. Tim Cripe and Dr. Maureen O`Brien discuss the role of targeting of hedgehog signaling in diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma and the use of drugs designed for other uses as a possible treatment for medulloblastoma.