Challenging the Status Quo

“Solving Kids’ Cancer and the TDI offer the opportunity to develop a much more facile system for drug development.” – Dr. Kenneth Cohen from the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center at John Hopkins University

Solving Kids’ Cancer Begins

Solving Kids’ Cancer is dedicated to facilitating the development of therapies to improve survivorship for children with fatal childhood cancers through an innovative and aggressively funded model. Meet the co-founders of Solving Kids’ Cancer, John London, and Scott Kennedy. Watch to learn about their stories and their inspirations to opening Solving Kids’ Cancer.

Clinical Trial Opens Using Natural Killer Cells

Now for the first time, scientists will combine NK cell therapy with an immunocytokine to target children with relapsed/refractory disease including those with bulky tumors. Solving Kids’ Cancer and The Catherine Elizabeth Blair Memorial Foundation awarded a $136,000 grant to support the novel immunotherapy clinical trial for childhood cancer.

Two Moms Raise More Than $20,000 for Children With Cancer

One hundred percent of all donations collected by these two moms will help fund a clinical trial for kids with relapsed neuroblastoma, a deadly childhood cancer. Children with relapsed or refractory neuroblastoma have few or little curative options today.

Muli’s Story: Finding a Clinical Trial

After doctors in Israel told Myriam there were no more treatment options left for her son, Muli, to treat his high-risk neuroblastoma, she searched for clinical trials outside of Israel. She found a vaccine trial In Hershey, Pa., sponsored by Solving Kids’ Cancer. In this video, Myriam tells her family’s story to save Muli.

New Experimental Immunotherapy for Children with High-Risk Solid Tumors using T-cells

Researchers at the Children`s Hospital of Philadelphia, the University of Pennsylvania, and the Primary Children`s Medical Center of Salt Lake City received a $550,000 collaborative grant to test next generation T-cell immunotherapy strategies in children with neuroblastoma, a solid tumor with poor prognosis that is responsible for 15% of all childhood cancer deaths.

Dendritic Cell Vaccine Trial Shows Promising Results

One year after his last treatment, a six-year-old boy with recurrent neuroblastoma is in complete remission for his high-risk metastatic cancer. Doctors reported this case study in the January 2013 issue of Pediatrics, the journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

The B+ Foundation and Solving Kids’ Cancer Jointly Funds a Novel Neuroblastoma Vaccine Trial

The Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation, a Delaware-based nonprofit, and NYC-based charity Solving Kids’ Cancer (SKC) announce their joint support of a clinical trial to test a new cancer vaccine against neuroblastoma – a common type of solid tumor that occurs in young children.